A Dog shows me how to cook!

My little sister says we don’t eat healthy enough, that we eat too much fast food and that we don’t cook enough. So I got a dog to teach me how to cook! no really!

Youtube series “Cooking with Dog” has host Francis the poodle teaching us how to cook a number of tasty Japanese dishes, all the while watching an adorable and obedient doggy watch as a lady goes through the process of cooking said dishes accompanied by some serene music, and Francis’ narration. It’s a cooking show like no other, and it’s all on YouTube!  So with this easy to follow video, my li’l sister and I set to cooking a BEEF BOWL!

SO… we didn’t quite have all the ingredients for a 100% legit beef bowl, and the eggs didn’t turn out quite like in the video (besides, if the eggs were runny, my mom would’ve said that they were raw and that’d it would give us salmonella.) But it is close enough. Why did we choose this particular recipe? Well, because it’s always appearing in my video games and me and my sis where curious about what the legendary beef bowl would taste like. FINAL VEREDICT: it is quite tasty.



The finished beef bowl! The taste was good, but I won’t be winning any food photography awards.


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