What better way to start the blog than with an Introduction to my current sketchbooks! So let’s take a gander at the bound books that supposedly hold all of my ideas, characters and stuff.

Starting with my oldest sketchbook, a Strathmore hardbound sketchbook.

it's my sketchbook! I love stickers send me stickers!

Observe! soon it will be cover in stickers!

I believe I bought this sketchbook all the way in late 2009 or early 2010 or thereabouts, I am not sure, I don’t put dates on these things! I suppose that starting this blog will help me with that, but anyways this book’s pretty old and beat up. I like to carry it in my backpack wherever I go, and it’s been to two continents. So does that mean this book is filled out with awesome ideas and illustrations? Not even close! Despite the books age I still have’t managed to fill it out, something that brings me ETERNAL SHAME. 

A beat up view of my sketchbook

You can see the age, beat-up-ness and incompleteness of my sketchbook

So, with this in writing as evidence, I Francisca will attempt to fill out the rest of the sketchbook before the summer is here. Then I’ll buy a new one! and fill that one out! and buy another! and do the same thing! You get the idea

But speaking of sketchbooks I have one more that I am working on. I did swipe it from my sister, she has like three of these flimsy Moleskine notebooks! but don’t tell her that, she’ll probably get mad and take it back.

sketchbook 2

This one will be covered in doodles!

I’ve found that this sketchbook is more well suited to pen drawings, and since my “main” sketchbook is more filled with disjointed ideas, I’m using this one to craft scenes. As in stuff intersecting with other stuff, story ideas and the like.

So there you have it! I have other smaller sketchbooks that are more or less glorified notebooks which contain lots of doodles, but most of the stuff I intend to put in this blog and develop further BEYOND is contained in these pages.  Let this be a reminder to be more productive in the future!


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