Lena Dunham is actually Stephen Colbert?!

For the record, Stephen Colbert is actually not Lena Dunham. He was just the back up guest celebrity guest on my favorite radio show Wait Wait…don’t tell me! And well, just take a minute to listen to this gift FROM THE GODS!


(the player is fake, it’s just a picture with a link. Who knew WordPress did’t like iframes? I know, I know, I’m making you do some extra clicks but trust me it’s worth it!) 

Some disturbing mind imagery aside, Stephen Colbert did pretty well, I think. I’ve always thought that Taylor Swift and her posse of banshees would make pretty great cartoon villains, so it’s kind of a dream of mine to someday do a big budget animated movie and cast Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift as the WORST BADDIES EVER! Heck, Stephen Colbert can join in too.


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