Memory lane! a Cartoon retrospective

I’ve seen a good deal of cartoons in my life time, some good some bad. You know the deal. But no cartoons have stuck to the back of my mind like the cartoons from the What a Cartoon! block on Cartoon Network. Lets start with one that I remember fondly, or remember because it got played all the time? I dunno! lets dive in to the nostalgia!

Help? a Short by Bruno Bozzetoo is one of my favorites, mostly because I relate to it (hospitals are spooky places) and cause it stars an adorable kitty cat. Here I’ve embedded the English audio version of the short but I prefer the one I originally saw in Spanish. The way the kitty says “Ayuda?” is just too cuuuuuute! Another thing about the short I love is that it’s mostly wordless, and the music perfectly accompanies the animation. I’d to point the part were he is climbing the treadmill as a particularly fun example of this.


COMMUNISM!! you know for kids!

Of course, re-watching the cartoon I’m finding it more enjoyable now that I can spot the more grown-up oriented jokes, like the little gem above. I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not sure how some of these jokes get put on T.V. Gotta give credit to What a Cartoon!’ s creative freedom, as most of the shorts are creator led with very little restrictions place on the content.

And speaking of freedom… Did you know that they got Ralph Bakshi to make not one but TWO shorts?! They are as Bakshi-ish as you’d think they would turn out, but with an attempted child “friendly” coating.

The two shorts are even connected by a story line! I find them to be very cool and jazzy shorts, I always liked them as a kid because I found the so bizarre, I wanted to figure them out! well now with the passage of time and the wisdom of age I can say that….I STILL DON’T GET THEM! WHAT DO THEY MEAN? Don’t get me wrong I still find the shorts funny, and the animation’s really wacky and unique, but maybe Mr.Bakshi should stick to making grown-up cartoons.

Well the last short I’ll feature in this post is John McIntyre’s The Kitchen Casanova, but not because I remember it fondly. No, quite the opposite, this was the short that would make me avert my eyes, turn of the T.V. I’D DO ANYTHING NOT TO WATCH IT! but I would anyways ’cause I wanted to catch the short that’d come after. Well what makes this one so offensive to me? after all it’s just the story of a couple having dinner, with wacky antics happening! There’s nothing that stands out in the first five or so minutes of the short, it’s just standard cartoon fare, but what comes after…



It just escalates so quickly, why? WHY? eeeeeuuuuuRGHHHUUEEEeerffffffff! and then they make out! SO ICKY! gross! ew ew EW!

Well then! I might do another collection of these shorts some other time, there’s plenty to be seen! so until next time, What a cartoon! 


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