A comic book process!

One of my favorite hobbies is to read comic books, but I haven’t dabbled in creating a book of my own. UNTIL NOW! join me in this step by step process! Starting with the initial comic thumbnail!


The barebones of a comic page!

In this post, I’m just going over the drawing process, I don’t want to give out too many story line details here! that’d be spoilers! so lets just talk about the art itself ok? All you need to know about the story for now is that it involves wolves, goofy characters and most of all MAGIC! everything’s fun when it can be explained with magic!

Anyways, we gotta start with a thumbnail! Here I stage every panel in the page, I usually think up different layouts in my head and settle on one to put on paper, if I don’t like it i’ll do another thumbnail! but I like how this page is set up. I also leave room in the compositions for word balloons. Technically… you’re supposed to have a script first that you work of off, but since for my comic I AM DOING ALL THE STUFF I already have all the dialogue floating around in my head, so let’s worry about that latter!


All in blue all in pencil!

Now we move to putting that thumbnail on the comic book board! I use a pre measured Canson Fanboy brand bristol board! The paper has got a bit of a texture to it, but only slightly, which is perfect for drawing in pencil and ink! some of my favorite mediums. Here in non-photo blue pencil, I get all of my character proportions, hint where I want textures and shadows, and roughly place word balloons. I want the pencils to be detailed enough so that when I move to the inking stage, I’ll be sure of each and everyone of my pen strokes. Once everything is been neatly drawn, it is time for my favorite part, Inking!


Inks! now we are cooking with oil!

I inked this page using a sharpie, a Copic multiliner, and another Japanese pen whose name escapes me (I dunno I’ll have to ask my sister). Turned out kinda nice no? I tend to get carried away when inking. Most of the time, the art will be covered by the balloons, like in panel two, most of that texture will be covered up, but I just couldn’t help myself, inking is just so much fun! The next part though, not so much. At this point the page is ready to be brought into the computer! we live in the 21st century, so here we go with 21st century comick-ing!


After one thousand years of work, it is finally done!

Of course, on the original board you can still see the blue pencil, but with the magic of Photoshop, I can make the blue lines disappear! After messing with some levels and brightness and contrast filters, we get the crisp clean ink lines! Then, I bring the image into Adobe Illustrator, where I will put in the word balloons and also add the text and any other sound effects! Any little mistakes I made have made also get edited out in the photoshop stage. Now it is ready to be set in a booklet format and printed!

Oh what’s that? Color? Didn’t you know  I only see in black and white? I kid, I kid! But color is a premium option, you’ll have to pay me 20 dollars for that step! (what I’m saying is, color is a whole ‘nother level of work, I might add color later but for now I have the black and white comic. It’s also cheaper to print!)

If you want to see the whole comic, well why don’t you subscribe to my blog! via email or via WordPress, whichever works best! I’ll keep posting about it and  announce when it will eventually be released for the masses of the world! just you wait!


One thought on “A comic book process!

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