Francisca’s Shelf! a comic book collection!

What do I do with my disposable income? buy comic books! But what sorta comic books? well a picture says a thousand words so look at this picture! click on the read more to get REALLY into the details of my comic book collection!

Let’s start from the bottom shelf! here are all of my foreign language comics! (wait, does Spanish really count as foreign? it’s my native tongue after all, I guess they would be foreign to Americans, but not to the French and how come my Mangas aren’t down here? arrghhhh) There’s also art textbooks, but don’t pay attention to them!


International books and a bunch of magazines!

I have Chilean and French comics here! Also a couple of British comics mags as well! (do those count as foreign?) All of the Chilean comics are a comic book series called The Adventures of Mampato and they are the comic books I grew up reading! Chile follows more the tradition of European comics, in which rather than a monthly issue you go and buy individually, each album has a complete story line! European comics are also printed much larger than American comics, and I’d say they are a little more risque than their American counterparts. I could go on an on talking about all these little nuances and do actual research into all my books BUT that would be too much for this show and tell! I’m going to save that for another blog post so let’s move on!


I could have probably raised this shelf a tittle more during assembly…

Second from the bottom we have…uh…an eclectic mix of comic books (sure, my Bayonetta and Xenoblade X books are ART BOOKS and not comic books but they are still MINE so they go here.) I have collected some of my favorite series, and character books here in trade paper back format! Sure, I haven’t collected WHOLE SERIESes yet, but I’m not made of money, I’ve built this collection over the years! Also on this shelf is a canvas box with all of my single issues!


I have more of these things than you’d think…

My favorite series that I have collected is  Zander Cannon’s Kaijumax! I’ve religiously bought every issue from my local comic book store! (which by the way comes back in July) Other that that, I like to stick to collecting books that have already been collected in longer, meatier formats but if something catches my eye ate the comic shop, or if I’ve heard good things about it, I try and get some new books now and then. The stack of comics to the right are from several years of free comic book day, which  is happening very soon and I hope to grab some new books!


but less than I’D hope…

Third from the bottom (or the top) is this shelf! this one has some of my favorite series both family friendly and not! they are lumped together ‘cuz they have colorful spines. They are also some of the series I’ve followed the longest since I could read English fluently. Usagi is ongoing, Blade of the Immortal just ended recently and is now being collected into omnibus format! Thanks Dark Horse! Zatch Bell on the other hand… That’s a story for another time.


I say these are my favorite series, but I love all my comics equally!

Well, on the final shelf with books we have…actual books? yes I also read books now and then. But I am here to talk comics! and Bone is one of my favorite comics! it’s also one I have the entire main run of, sans bonus content of course. The one book I’m missing is Rose illustrated by Charles Vess and that one is the prequel to Bone, I’m sure I’ll get it. Eventually. On this shelf I also have a few random mangas, some of which I’ve had since middle school (and haven’t read since then he he).


Books? what are those?

So there you have it! my ever growing comic book collection in beautiful potato phone photo quality! What I read and buy reflects on my own artwork and storytelling sensibilities, and I hope this gives some insight into my inspirations. What comics or books do you guys out in internet land recommend? Leave a comment below if you want!

or not!


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