The Sketchbook #1

The first edition of the thing I said I was going to do! talk about the stuff that’s in my sketchbook. So grab some juice and sit back, it’s time to look at what I’m developing, what I’ve finished, and what is ending just as a sketch!


An unfinished,but fun sketch!

This little sketch is based on a photograph! (which you can see bellow) drawing from reference is great practice, but a little boring, so I decided on a fun subject and found these nice rickety tree houses! to add some more interest to the piece, I took some creative liberty and added a little cyclops. Is he waiting for someone perhaps? or just passing by? You can see that I’m missing a spot in the tree house, but this shall remain unfinished, after all it was for practice and I’d rather finish something that was completely original than referential.

Next is this little character study for a character I’ve code named “Mamá Osa” (literally “Mother Bear” in Spanish) The idea behind this character involves the concept of a female lazy bear living freely in the forest UNTIL she comes across a human baby, whom she must protect. I wanted to make sure the character was expressive and approachable, as she would communicate silently. The character is part of a larger animation/book project I have planned! Somewhere in my computer I already have a 3d model of Mamá Osa laying around…


Posing and personality are very important to my characters.

The final sketch has a little more color and an unrelated bear! I’ve you’ve been paying attention to my blog posts you’ll find the middle character familiar, she appears in panel two of this comic page. For now I’m calling her “Forest Witchy” as her name implies, she is a small witch that lords over a forest. She knows each and everyone of the forest’s inhabitants and acts as a protector for them! In this sketch I also played around with some cheapo markers, they aren’t half bad!


“Forest Witchy” with fellow forest inhabitants

And that’s it for this edition of The Sketchbook! Join me next time for another scintillating look at what’s in my sketchbooks, and hopefully by next time I won’t have a potato camera!


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